Leszek Gruchała

Shortly about me

For 15 years I am helping companies to turn the technology into business value, also acting as a bridge between business focused people and developers. I am engaged, proactive, self-organized and optimist person. I like to learn about the details of each business, help coworkers, guide and support them. I am particularly interested in reactive systems, distributed applications, processing large amounts of data and purely functional programming.

In a few points

  • Senior Scala Developer (remote)
  • Lightbend Certified Reactive Architect
  • Lightbend Certified Expert (Scala, Play)
  • Ambitious, open-minded optimist with over 15 years of software development experience
  • 4 years also as Team Leader and 2 years as Technical PM
  • Read more about me on LinkedIn or just download CV and some of my work endorsements